When you make this choice your e-card will only be attached to an e-mail message that will be sent to you and the recipient. It will not be saved on our web site. By this way, the recipient and you will only be able to see the e-card through the e-mail message. But there is a risk for this choice: Since the e-mail will contain some codes and picture links, some e-mail accounts or programs may suppose that the e-mail contains a virus and forward it to the Junk Mail box or block it. If the recipient does not check his/her Junk Mail box for a long time it may be deleted and he/she does not see your e-card. Some free e-mail service providers that are using old technology may block the message without even the recipient sees it. You can prefer this choice: -If you and your friend using Hotmail or Yahoo mail and check your mailbox frequently. -If you do not use a Junk Mail box. -If you check your Junk Mail box frequently. -If you use an e-mail client like Outlook Express for e-mails and you enabled it to receive e-mails with attachments. -If you made some try outs and saw that this choice is working good with you and with your friend.