2D Hand Drawn Islamic Graphics

On this page you will find 2D Islamic works which were drawn by hand using the mouse buttons.





DRAWING DATE:19.02.2000
Here you see the Arabic form of the pronoun "He". It is read as "Hoow". In Islamic literature, especially in Sufizm, this word has a great significance. Because when the word "Hoow" is said "The Lord Of the Worlds Allah" is remembered. This is because in many verses of The Holy Koran (look: {2:29}, {3:2}, {7:187}, {10:107}, {13:30}, {44:7}, {74:31}), Allah talks about himself by using the word "Hoow".
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Name Of Allah

NAME:"Name Of Allah In Arabic Form"
DRAWING DATE:23.01.2000
Here you see Arabic form of the word "Allah" (God) drawn by hand using the mouse`s left button.
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Surah Mutaffefeen (Defrauding) 1-6

English meaning of the verses:
"In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.
1-Woe unto the defrauders, 2-Those who when they take the measure from mankind demand it full, 3-But if they measure unto them or weight for them, they cause them loss, 4-Do such men not consider that they will be raised again, 5-Unto an awful Day, 6-The day when all mankind stand before The Lord of the Worlds."

NAME:"The Verses 1-6 Of Chapter Mutaffefeen (Defrauding)"
This work was made to be used as a picture on a jeweller shop`s calendar. As you know "weighting in justice" is very important in jewellery business. And when you read the Holy Koran you see many verses related weighting in justice (look: {6:152}, {7:85}, {11:84-85}, {55:8-9}, {57:25}). And this chapter (surah) of the Koran is beginning especially mentioning about this subject. So we found that to use such an image on a Muslim jeweller`s calendar was very suitable.
The picture of the scale was found from the Internet by making a search. And the verses composed onto the scale image.
These verses are very nice examples of the education method of Allah in The Holy Koran. In The Koran, sometimes He tells us about the people and tribes in the history; sometimes tells the good and bad deeds directly and sometimes implies in the examples. He wants the mankind to ponder what he tells and not to do the deeds similar in badness what He told and to do the good deeds similar in goodness what He told. We can see His this aim in these verses of The Koran: "(This is) a Scripture that we have revealed unto you (Muhammad), full of blessing, that they may ponder its revelations, and that men of understanding may reflect." (38:29), "And in truth We have made the Koran easy to remember; but will any take heed ?" (54:17,22,32,40)
So, by the verses in the work, Allah (swt) commands the people always to behave each other in justice and "to behave the others as good as they expect from the others". In the verses we see two of the main beliefs of Islam: to believe only one God "Allah" The Lord of the Worlds, to believe that everybody will be raised again after death and held responsible in the hereafter whatever they did in their life on the world.

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It is a simple work drawn using the left mouse button. This the Arabic form of saying "Peace of Allah be upon you!"; it is pronounced as "As-Salaamu Alaikum!" This is an important phrase for Muslim people. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) asked the Muslims to say these words to each other when they meet at anywhere.
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NAME:"Frame With Words-1"
This work was made as a frame for a home`s wall. On the top of the frame you see the Arabic form of the name of Allah and the name of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), beneath you see some Turkish sentences which means in English:
"A village can not be without a headman, a letter can not be without a writer, a needle can not be without a maker and can not be without an owner... Then how could this extremely perfect universe be without a Creator."


NAME:"Frame With Words-2"
This is the second frame that was made for a home`s wall. The Turkish sentences in English:
"Alas! We are deceived! We had though our life on the world was endless. Because of this thought we squander it. Yes, this transient life is like sleeping; it ended like a dream. And this unfounded life gone like a wind..."

The Mosque

NAME:"The Mosque"
Here you see a simple hand drawn picture of a mosque. It is the praying place of the Muslims. Although the graphic has some mistakes it is being keeped without changing since it is the first hand drawn work of the
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Surah infitar


NAME:"The Surah Infitar (Cleaving) From The Koran and Its Turkish Meaning"

ACTUAL DIMENSIONS: 1029x621 pixels
INFO: On the right side of this work you see the original Arabic form and on the left its Turkish meaning. The Arabic part was scanned from a Koran and after added Turkish meaning to the left. At the same time you see Arabic form of the name of Allah composed onto the main picture.
The Surah in English:
"In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. 1-When the heaven is cleft asunder, 2-When the planets are dispersed, 3-Whe the seas are poured forth, 4-And the sepulchres are overturned, 5-Each soul will know what it has sent forward and what it has kept back. 6-O Man! What has beguiled you from your Lord, The Bountiful, 7-Who created you, then fashioned, then proportioned you. 8-In whatever form He wished, He formed you. 9-No, you deny the Last Judgement. 10-Yet there are guardians watching over you, 11-Noble recorders, 12-Who know of all that you do. 13-The righteous surely will dwell in bliss. 14-While the wicked surely will be in blazing Fire. 15-In it they will burn on the Day of Judgement. 16-They will not escape it. 17-What will convey to you what the Day of Judgement is! 18-Again, what will convey to you what the Day of Judgement is! 19-A day on which no soul has power at all for any other. The absolute command on that day is Allah`s."

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